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Private Water

Private Water:

We here at Lincoln Gray's Fly Fishing Adventures are privileged to be the booking manager for Digger Creek Ranch and have the opportunity to be a booking agent for The Fly Shop’s private water venues. 

These private waters’ offer great fly fishing, excellent accommodations and trophy fish!  Hell, what else can an angler ask for?!

So, if you are interested in the best fly fishing opportunities when it comes to private water, we are your first stop!  You can book your private water adventure through us guided or non-guided.  We will make sure that your private water experience is the best that it can be.

Digger Creek Ranch:

Cast into one of our two cold water lakes or fish our two miles of private access on Digger Creek.

The 3+ acre Cookhouse Lake is nestled right off the deck of the lodge.  Sight fishing is the name of the game and with proper presentation, you may land a trophy trout of up to 8 pounds or more! 


Island Lake offers over 6 acres of trout filled water.  This lake is deep and fish exceeding 10 pounds lurk below.  Match the hatch and enjoy the catch.

Eagle Lake Rainbows, German Brown Trout, Lassen Rainbow Trout and Donaldson Trout inhabit the lakes of DCR!!

All Fishing on DCR is Catch and Release Fly Fishing.  Fly Fishing is permitted with imitation flies, single barbless hook ONLY!

Only registered guest are permitted to fish the water of DCR.  This helps to ensure the quality of the fishery and the privacy of our guest.  No Exceptions.

Digger Creek Ranch Rates:

Fishing With Lodging:

One Angler Trespass Fee w/lodging:  $245.00

One Non-Angler Fee w/lodging:  $100.00

One Angler Trespass Fee w/multiple nights lodging:  $195.00

One Non-Angler Fee w/multiple nights lodging:  $90.00

Day Use Only:

Day Trespass Fee Per Angler:  $145.00

One Day Non-Angler Trespass Fee: $70.00

(This includes use of Lodge)


Contact:   Lincoln Gray

Phone:  530-520-6895

Digger Creek Website

The Fly Shop Private Water:

Please Click On The Fly Shop Logo to view all the unbelievable private water venues!!

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